Library is an important source of knowledge to the young minds in a school. Bookery at LBN is a store house of knowledge which has a collection of science Fiction, drama, Adventure, anthologies, poetry, encyclopedia, dictionaries, comics, biographies, autobiographies, travelogues and sufficient reference and Textbooks to quench the thirst of curiosity of the men-tees. The library book collection is inventoried and cataloged in a regularly updated data base and systems are in place to track books borrowed and returned. It also has work areas that can be arranged to meet the needs of various users organized book stacks that are available to users and plenty of light to read and work.


Physics has a history of synthesizing many phenomena into few theories. In our lab of physics we initiate the mystery and make our students understand the logic behind it. We assist them to play with mass, distance and speed.


LBN has an advanced chemistry lab where students enhance their critical thinking, do various types of experiments and generate new ideas and inventions. It has n numbers of racks and more than 30 students can accommodate and do research and experiments.


Biology is the study of living organisms, divided into many specialized fields that cover their morphology, physiology, anatomy, behaviour, origin and distribution. To acquaint the students with complete knowledge of the subject we have well equipped Biology Lab with about 100 charts, 50 Specimens, models and permanent mounts catering to both middle and senior wing. To make the subject more interesting 3D models representation is also available along with a herbarium of various species maintained and regularly updated.


Spread over sprawling acres of land, the building of Lucky Bal Niketan, Jodhpur is especially designed to ignite the imagination of children. The brick structure along with the expansive green lawns, the spacious classrooms and open environs offer an ambience which is conducive to intellectual pursuits and holistic development.